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Email received from: T. D. - USA (the whole email)

Subject: Integrity..

Hello Mr. Kanzen,

Nearly a year ago, I purchased your GL system from you. Your system was actually the 2nd one I ever purchased and I was quite sceptical about purchasing it after buying the 1st (from some "Golden Chicken" guy). But I figured $30.00 would not kill me, and your web site seemed to contain the words of a man with integrity. I ordered your system and recieved it promptly. I must admit, after reading thru it, I was cursing you under my breath because I could not believe that something so simplistic could actually give me any hopes of making a little money at roulette. I logged into my online account at Global Player and deposited exactly 20 units worth of funds and figured that I would soon be chalking up a $50.00 dollar loss (system + initial 20 units) as a learning experience. Well, within the next weeks time I proceeded to withdraw a total of +200 units in profit. I then began to experience my first turn of luck and the drawdown that accompanies it. I got scared and switched over to a system I pulled from a book I bought used. Needless to say, I never recovered from the drawdown. I quit playing for a while figuring there was no way in hell to consist- ently stay profitable in roulette, and I do not play for enjoyment. But while rethinking my experiences with the GL system, I often wondered just how long my drawdown would have lasted, and if I would ever have recovered from that drawdown had I stayed the course. So I redeposited another 20 units worth of funds and promised myself I would stay the course and either go bust during a drawdown or keep playing forever. Now, months later I am ahead many times my initial 20 unit investment. I have gone through many cyclical turns of good vs. bad luck, and each time I have seen my bankroll eventually recover to new all-time highs by simply following your system. I am not rich, but I am not trying to be so either. I am simply looking for a nice little side income and your system has provided that. Thanks for being quite possibly the only guy out there selling a system that delivers what every want-to-be-roulette-player hopes for: a consistently profitable strategy based upon what really makes the game tick. Integrity is a hard trait to find in your business, but I believe you have it....


T. D.

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